Suzette Swanson

Spiritual Practitioner

Love The Life You Live, Live the Life You Love

First Foundations Graduates in Egypt- Spring 2010

Changing your life, does not have to be dramatic or drastic.  By changing your attitude becoming aware of the poweryou have in your life, and re-aligning with your center; your life will change automatically for the better.  In fact, what is amazing, is that you will feel like a totally happier, grounded, more fulfilled person, even though your job is the same, your house is the same, your spouse is the same, your income is the same.  Even though nothing may have ‘appeared’ to change; EVERYTHING has changed.  It is really fascinating how just by changing our beliefs, our approach to life, we can be so much happier.   Don’t wait a day longer!  Start right now!  It’s time to get in touch with your core essence!  Get back into alignment of your life dreams- onto the path you want your life to be.  You deserve it! You are worth it!  I believe in you!  Let me be your Spiritual Cheerleader!  I’m ready to know the Truth for you! Let’s go!

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Certified Foundations Course

This 13 week course begins on March 7, 2010 ending May 30, 2010

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